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Who is Charaka ?


Here it represents the wheel of progressive march of the healing wisdom to modern era. Understanding the limitations of so-called modern scientific living. Realizing the need for immediate transformation of approach to life.


Charaka is the name of the sage (Rushi) who re edited the ancient book of Ayurveda, which was earlier known as Agnivesh Tantra. Later this volume became famous in the name of Charaka Samhita.


This literary treasure is hitherto believed to be the oldest documentation on Ayurveda (about 4000 years), which is still base literature of education in Ayurveda in modern India.


Charaka is also the name for the particular clan of physician(s) who travelled to dispel the knowledge and treatment throughout the country by virtue of their healing wisdom.


Ayurveda is repertoire of natural healing wisdom. Advocates to adopt certain means in day-to-day life to protect health, to maintain health and to come back to health from illnesses.


Provides guidelines to conduciveness of life / living (Hita Ayu) and the happiness of life / living (Sukha Ayu).



Recent events

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Photo of 6 weeks' Immersion July - Aug 2014

Dhanvantari kutir

Panchakarma Therapy Unit  Click here to see some photos.Next batch of PK treatment on September - October 2019 at Dhanvantari Kutir, Udupi (Karnataka). Booking still open for Dec- January 2020.  Foreign delegates / persons from different countries interested to receive treatment with Dr Acharya, can communicate individually.

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Ayurveda Immersion Program 4 weeks in September  2019.

1st Oct 2019 for 10 days' Skill Training At Udupi.

Persons with pre training in Ayurveda, doctors & therapists,  can participate in this program. Skill training programme only for graduates or those who completed immersion program.

Venue : Jamnagar (India) and South India. Udupi & Collaboration with some South Indian reputed Ayurveda Institutes.

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Charaka Reading All India Institute, Delhi-  June 10 and 15th 2019 is over.

Charaka Nidana reading at All India Institute of Ayuirveda, New Delhi is a new activity. Charaka Nidana sthana 

reading 1o & 15 Mar 2019 is completed. In future every month reading for a week is expected.

Announcements and hangouts for Delhi/Udupi/Jamnagar readings.

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