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Known as the science of life, Ayurveda deals with the facts of human life in terms of health, health deviations and illnesses.


Its unique and simple approach through understanding of basic biological elements Vata, Pitta and Kapha, interests every learner & seeker. Connecting to the present reality and not just remaining to the past 'Karma' philosophy, makes this healing wisdom more acceptable to modern era.

Understanding life as a complex union of mind-body-senses and spirit (soul) has meaningful contribution in knowing the health problems and also providing tools for solution.


This art of healing is practiced in India since ages (5000 yrs before) under specialities as Kayachikitsa (general medicine), Bala Roga (Paediatrics), Urdhvanga (ENT & Ophthalmic), Shalya (surgery), Damshtra (toxicology), Graha (planetary & extra human influences), Vrisha ( sexual health & progeny) and Jara (anti ageing & geriatrics). These are the specialty fields which were practiced since ancient times in India.


Understanding once own psycho somatic pattern (Prakriti) through the wisdom of Ayurveda, is very fascinating. This can help a person to adopt suitable diet & life style to improve his health and art of living. Obviously, a physician has much to do by knowing the Prakriti of patients.





The name 'Pancha Karma' is in sanskrit. It means 'five procedures'. A therapeutic specialty in Ayurveda which relies upon five major therapies to accord bio purification of the body. However, there are so many other soothing therapeutic modalities involved in Panchakarma, imparting the elemental balance in the body and mind. Panchakarma is good for maintenance of health and also treating illnesses.


The five major purificatory measures are ; Vamana (planned procedure of emesis), Virechana (planned procedure of purgation), Basti (formulated & multiple varieties of therapeutic enema), Nasya (systematic nasal administration of medicaments), Rakta Mokshana (blood letting in few therapeutic ways like Leach application).


Many therapies as ancillary or independently performed at Panchakarma therapy unit. Procedures like Shirodhara (rhythmic pouring of oil/liquids over the fore head), Abhyanga (different kinds of Ayurveda massage with medicated oils), Pinda Sveda ( hot herbal bolus massaged on the body), Bashpa veda (steam or sauna), Akshi tarpana (eye treatment), Kati Prishta Basti (back treatment) etc are soothing treatments which help to alleviate the morbid conditions in the body. This induce pleasantness and good sleep. The proceeding worth to be experienced in life.


Illnesses That Are Treated With Panchakarma :


Many chronic illnesses and degenerative problems are presently treated by Panchakarma therapy. The chief physician Dr Acharya has extensive clinical experience in three decades of his profession in handling many clinical conditions. They are rheumatoid arthritis and allied disorders, connective tissue and autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, Allergic & hypersensitivity illnesses, head aches, neurological disorders, Anxiety & dispersion and minor psychiatric problems, senile related problems, Disease related to vertebral degeneration etc.




A small facility for Panchakarma is enabled at the southern branch of Charaka - home of Ayurveda. To meet the demand of persons seeking treatment under the supervision of Dr Acharya, a minimum infrastructure has been developed. The place has an antique touch being located in the backyard of an ancient house built about 300 yrs back. The typical clay tiled roof and the old mud walls with wooden pillars inside the house, stands as witness to the life immemorial. For details of treatment & fees, please dowload pdf brochure from home page.


Udupi is a pilgrimage city at the costal karnataka incorporate ever green forests around , back waters and very ancient Hindu & jain temples built few thousand years back.

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