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                                    BREATH OF LIFE AND BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY


Diversity in biological manifestation is very huge throughout the globe. Our life and health has much to do with natural biological diversity on earth. In the name of biodiversity much less is understood. Rather limited to examine the botanical species and little on the fauna. Human being as in the center of biodiversity probably was never given due thought.


Wisdom of Ayurveda has its pulse in the biological diversity including human being. Ayurveda reiterate the truth in the natural diversity, to understand variations in human natures and to understand the health problems. Subtractive approaches of modern science can never reveal the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Therefore, care for diversity and to retrieve the natural diversity, even in terms of cultural believes and food habits, may be a tool to go in rhythm with Ayurvedic wisdom.


The land of present India is itself known to incorporate maximum diversity in geological, climatic, botanical, cultural and food habits. Thus it becomes a suitable platform to study the true’ biological diversity’ and also connecting to the wisdom of Ayurveda which is common to all mankind throughout the world.


Charaka Home of Ayurveda senses the dire need to work on this issue. Invites genuine people to join hand. Explore the existing diversity, trying to re establish, study the cultural & food habit diversity, educate the people in the importance & hidden Ayurveda wisdom in the local practices, which were ignored.


Perla Farmhouse -

A farmhouse (some pictures are here) is owned by the proprietors of Charaka Home of Ayurveda at the tail end Western Ghats (hills) in south India, which were once the tropical rain forests. Efforts to plant & grow extinct species in this farmhouse, is also planned. Buying few more lands or to encourage other owner is also needed.

Funds -

All of these works attracting lot of funds. Charaka Home of Ayurveda looking for investors or Donors in this respect.




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